PAT testing  (Course code LGTC 7)

PAT testing (Course code LGTC 7)

London Gas Training Centre
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Portable Appliance Testing Competency Course

(1 day)

For those new to the PAT testing industry this is by far the best option to begin with. Whether you are a landlord wanting to test equipment in your property, or a company wanting to save money by testing your own appliances, or an individual looking to start a PAT company then this course is the perfect place to start. There is no electrical experience required for this informal and enjoyable one day course. You will get plenty of hands-on experience of using test equipment, alongside learning all of the regulations and theory behind Portable Appliance Testing as well as gaining a solid grounding in basic electrical theory.

Our expert trainers make this a relaxed environment where you can ask questions, gain hands on experience to develop confident testing skills to test portable appliances in the UK.

This one day Practical Portable Appliance Testing course is designed to give you an understanding of Portable Appliance Testing, help you identify the associated hazards and how to reduce the risk of electric shock, electrocution and electrical fires in the workplace.

The course covers the following key topics:

Legal Requirements

Basic Electrical Theory

How Electrical Dangers Arise

Types and Classes of Appliances


Earth bond testing

Insulation resistance testing

Earth leakage and ‘Run’ tests

Load tests

How to record results correctly

Course content covers:

What is electricity?

The SI units of measurement used when working with electricity.

Simple ohms law.

Simple power calculations

The nature and effects of electric shock.

Over current protection (fuses and circuit breakers)

Earthing as a means of protection.

Use and operation of RCD’s

How conductor resistance effects disconnection times.

Terminology used in relation to PAT testing.

Electrical Safety

Regulations role and responsibilities

Insulation and earthing

Classification of appliances

Preliminary Inspection, test precautions

Using a Portable Appliance Tester

Essential tests

Optional tests

Labelling tests

Reporting and recording results

Implementing a test programme

Practical Assessment

Law and scope of relevant legislation

Types, use and testing of electrical equipment.

Categories, frequency and practicalities of PAT testing

Procedures, documentation and user responsibility

Identify training required for PAT testing

Appropriate test instruments and how they are used.

1 day Safe Electrical Isolation (Maintenance/Handyman) Course

This one day course is primarily for people with little no electrical background but who may in the course of their job be required to isolate electrical circuits safely to perform maintenance tasks such as replacing lamps and fittings, damaged socket outlets and switch faceplates, repair or replace like for like appliances and equipment and general electrical and mechanical maintenance tasks.

Safe Electrical Isolation is a formal procedure and the most important part of any electrical work and this course will help you become competent in Safe Electrical Isolation as well as getting hands on experience replacing a range of electrical fittings including lamps, sockets and switchgear, you can even learn to rewire a plug, the choice is yours. Our expert tutors will build the day around you and your particular learning requirements.

There is also an element of basic electrical theory included in the course.

This one day course is designed to be informal, fun and informative and most of all help you to go away feeling confident that you can safely isolate electrical circuits.