MET 1  (1 Day Course)
MET 1  (1 Day Course)
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MET 1 (1 Day Course)

London Gas Training Centre
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METERS   certification.

Domestic Gas Meters


The MET1 Gas Meter Safety Assessment is designed to test gas safety competence if an installer’s domestic gas meter work includes:

  • Installing from new
  • Exchanging from existing
  • Permanently removing and commissioning/decommissioning.

It can be taken as a stand-alone appliance module provided you have CCN1

MET 1 covers primary and secondary meters, up to six cubic metres per hour capacity, with a low supply pressure of less than 75 mbar.

Candidates must hold one of the following core qualifications as a pre-requisite for taking MET1: CCN1, COCN1 or CCCN1.

Gas meter training covers the following topics:

  • Gas Safety Legislation
  • Installation of pipework and fittings
  • Test for tightness
  • Checking and/or setting meter regulations.
  • Identification of unsafe situations
  • The operation and positioning of emergency controls
  • Emergency notices and warning labels
  • The operation and checking of gas safety devices and controls
  • Gas Emergency Actions and Procedures
  • Meter Installation, removal and exchange

Gas Meter Safety training and assessment (MET1) takes a day training and assessment

Course Duration

  • 1 day

This course can be training and assessment or assessment only.


  • You will need to bring with you
  • Candidate name and address
  • Candidate National Insurance number
  • 2 passport sized photographs
  • Copies of relevant qualifications and/or evidence of gas work experience
  • A declaration of the category for the individual making the application
  • First-time applicants will also be required to provide an acceptable form of photographic identification e.g., a passport or driving licence